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A Paver is used to lay asphalt during road/pavement construction

To successfully pass the assessment the operator must be able to:

  • Daily and routine maintenance
  • Operating and adjusting machine controls to the job requirements i.e. tampers, hopper gates, auger heights, auto feed etc.
  • Manual set-up of the machine to control and maintain correct levels, crown, out-puts etc.
  • Fitting, operating and adjusting automatic levelling devices (longitudinal and crossfall sensors) to maintain correct datum
  • Recognition of laying faults and how to take remedial action in order to achieve correct matt finish
  • Fitting and removal of screed extensions and cut-off shoes correctly
  • The purpose and capabilities of the machine, the safety precautions and the maintenance requirements involved
  • How the machine works and how to make routine adjustments
  • How the paver is set up, the importance of correct feed, speed control, the effects of temperature changes and various faults and how they can be rectified
  • How automatic levelling devices work, are adjusted and setup in order to give a high degree of accuracy
  • The principles of working out crossfall percentages, estimating material requirements and methods of job planning
  • Methods and requirements for accurate fitting of screed extensions
  • A knowledge of materials, macadams, asphalts, cut-backs, tack and coat etc.
  • The importance of Road Works Safety and the contents of Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual in order to meet legal requirements